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Same Pay Day

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Same Pay Day

The leading Digital Account and Earned Wage Access Solution. We have taken same day pay/instant access to earn wages and we provide a full digital account that helps employees while saving thousands of dollars for employers.


Same Day Pay is helping to empower America’s working class by enabling them to access, use and move their money… anytime, through fee-friendly products such as a digital account, bill pay, send money, gift/reward cards, and Same Day Pay…that allows access to money they have earned without having to wait for payday.”

A better solution for American employers:

In today’s tight labor market, we offers products and services to help employers attract, motivate, and retain employees, plus achieve cost savings.

The best solution for working Americans:

Enabling employees to keep more of their paycheck and better control their. 

cashflow / finances – at the disintermediation of banks, payday lenders, check cashers and others.

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