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Credit Card Fees

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Credit Card Fees

Secure the lowest processing rates with your processor and protect against increases.

Our specialized team manages the complex payment processing rates on your behalf, securing the lowest possible payment processing rates available with your current payment processor.


Using proprietary software, benchmarking data, and industry expertise, our team delivers measurable savings to your organization without switching payment processors and without any effort on your part.

Optimize your credit card processing rates and protect against increases.

No risk, no switching payment processors, no changes to your operations, and the only fee for our team is a percentage of realized savings. Put our team to work for your organization and be certain that your credit card processing rates are optimized and protected.

Merchant processing rates are complex.

With thousands of payment processing fees and rates that vary based on several factors (card brand / type, swiped versus keyed, organization type, and transactional data), payment processors are able to leverage that complexity to charge high processing rates. Under the mask of that complexity, payment processing rates continually increase, often unbeknownst to merchants.

Payment processing statements are designed to confuse the merchant.

The amount of information contained in your monthly merchant statement depends on your plan type, pricing structure, and payment processor. Daily discount fees create a reconciliation headache. Don’t let the confusion created by payment processors restrict your ability to obtain highly competitive payment processing rates.

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