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As you’ve seen throughout our site, all of our subject-matter-expert auditor teams deploy essentially the same methodology. They go through an initial DISCOVERY, utilizing the documents you submit. This minimal amount of information is all that is required to provide you an estimate of the savings they may provide you through their efforts.


At this point you will have the opportunity to engage them to set them loose and perform an exhaustive ANALYSIS  that will ferret out any potential savings, and perhaps rebates or refunds.

All of our services are contingency-based. That is, we operate on a pay-for-performance model. Only when savings are unearthed, and they are actualized, would you be billed (in arrears) for 50% of the documented benefit.


The next phase is simple. The Team will REPORT to you, in a short call or Zoom meeting, what they have found. If you have executed an agreement through our PandaDoc eSignature system, you will be provided an accounting of how much the Team has found for you, broken out by which vendor.

Here you will have the opportunity to approve or disapprove each initiative. Why? Perhaps there are vendors you have a specific relationship with, and you’d choose not to activate the team on that specific vendor. Likely, you will want them to engage all vendors, but you do retain the option.


Once you’ve approved the selected vendors the Team will begin working and to create your SAVINGS, rebates and potential refunds. There will be very little work required on your part. The heavy lifting is on the part of the Team.

As mentioned above, the Team will document your benefit and will bill you for 50% of the actualized benefit in 30 days.

With the exception of the Workers Compensation Insurance Premium Audit, the Teams will continue to monitor your invoices and act on your behalf for the entire term of your agreement to ensure you are always getting the best rates available to your business. Most clients appreciate this watchdog approach and will continually renew their agreements.

Our Teams have incredible track records of finding significant savings for our clients. Engage with us, and enjoy the savings, without the headaches.

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