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Case Studies


Utility Billing Audit

The Team’s utility audit team performed a full-service audit of all of the utility bills identifying several opportunities to improve their bottom line by over $500,000.
  • Refunds $350,000 (multiple locations, multi state audit, billing errors)
  • Electric Savings $150,000 (billing error, lower rates, rate optimization)
  • Water Savings $11,000 (retrofit)


Credit Card Merchant Processing Fee Audit

  • $700k Card Volume
  • $10k Savings
  • 34% Reduction in Fees


Workers Compensation Insurance Premium Audit

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • State: New Hampshire
  • Reason: Experience Rating
  • Recovery: $126,000

What Our Clients Say About Our Services

“The Team was prompt with their service and quick to gather historical data from our accounts. Within a few weeks, we were provided with a detailed summary of their findings. To our surprise, they were able to find us significant savings in our utility bills. They assisted in all the necessary paperwork and we were able to start realizing the savings promptly on our next billing cycle. Their extensive knowledge of utilities are great for any school or business that is looking to find savings or just wants confirmation that they aren’t being overcharged.”

Superintendent | Kentwood Public Schools

“Their team saved us about $9,000. Our Verizon Rep said he has never seen a better-managed account. They can save you money right now! This is a no-brainer."

Plumbing, Heating, AC & Electric, Holliston, MA

Thanks to your efforts, we have received refunds from four (4) different insurance companies including Cigna, Transamerica, Fireman's Fund, and AIG. To date, we have recovered or saved approximately $130,000.

Controller-Taco Bell Franchisee

“If you want to save money and stop wasting valuable time, let their team take care of your business phones the way they take care of ours. They’ll find the best phones for your needs and the right upgrades for your company. You won’t be sorry.”

Solar Energy Specialist, Williamsburg, VA

“One of the benefits of their utility audit, even more so today, is they were able to work through and complete the audit remotely. To our pleasant surprise, Detroit Day School is in line to save over $120,000 annually between our electric, natural gas, and telecommunications accounts,”

Chief Financial Officer

“While I do not have the exact figures at hand, I know that you have saved this organization tens of thousands of dollars over the past several years that we have worked together. Your in-depth knowledge of the workers' comp system has paid off handsomely for LUH.”

Vice President – HR-Longmont United Hospital

“With the Team's assistance, Eastern Michigan quickly began realizing saving son our utilities and we are on track to save $300,000 to $350,000 annually. Their audit produced a number of other areas, which we will be reviewing in the coming months adding another $100,000 or more in annual savings.”

Vice President, Eastern Michigan University

“As a business owner, we have lots of moving pieces to monitor and track! Being able to turn over my Verizon phone account to their team has allowed us to focus more on the “big picture”! Their decisions and recommended changes to our account have been well explained and have allowed for a streamlined decision process! Easy, Efficient, and Money Saving!! WIN, WIN!”

CEO, Services Company, Northfield, NH

“Enclosed is a check for $69,353.50 - which represents 50% of the $138,707 refund we received as a result of your audit. This refund represents excess premiums we paid to our workers' compensation insurance carrier for slightly over a two-year period!”

Human Resources Manager, Melody Homes Inc.

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