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Case Studies

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PARTS…Utility Billing Audit

The team performed a full-service audit of all the utility bills identifying several opportunities to improve their bottom line by over $500,000.

  • Refunds: $350,000
    (multiple locations, multi state audit, billing errors)
  • Electric Savings:
    $150,000 (billing error, lower rates, rate optimization)
  • Water Savings:
    $11,000 (retrofit)
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Utilities Billing Audit

Chesapeake Spice, a Maryland-based food manufacturing company was paying too much for their waste/trash services. Today they are realizing thousands of dollars a month on their waste/trash invoices.

  • Waste/Trash – $45,000 refund (inflated rates, contract management)
  • Natural Gas – $20,000 refund (billing error), $13,000 in savings (market knowledge, rate review, pricing options)
  • Electric savings $1,800 refund
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Workers Compensation Insurance Premium Audit

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • State: New Hampshire
  • Reason: Experience Rating
  • Recovery: $126,000
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Utilities Billing Audit

The audit team uncovered a $450,000 billing error as well as savings of 30% on their telecom expenses.

  • Billing Error, refund $450,000 Electric
  • Telecommunications Savings $250,000 annually
  • Discovery of Billing Error, Refund Opportunity