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We are Ascentropy Business Solutions and we’re passionate about how we can help you!

Ascentropy is in the business of saving businesses. We are the sales and marketing leg comprised of cost recovery experts with over 20 years experience. We’ve saved businesses billions of dollars in all manner of expense reduction. 

We’ve always been contingency-based, operating on a pay-for-performance model, and there never has been, and never is up-front costs to our clients to begin engagement with our highly beneficial services.

Our Team is comprised of dedicated subject-matter-expert cost recovery experts across the continent. Although we’re based in South Florida, we can help you wherever you are in the United States and Canada.

For more information or a free assessment of your business, call: (914) 374-8345 or (561) 320-3530 or write to us:

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For inquiries regarding our programs, feel free to send us a message.

Please fill out the form to schedule an initial session with us. We’ll provide you a free analysis of your current spend. You’ll learn more about how you can take advantage of various tax rebates and expense reduction programs that you may qualify for as well as potential specialized savings opportunities for your business.

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